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Monday, November 3, 2014

Summer Vintage Wedding

We just love it when we get to work with previous clients! Its such a pat on the back! However, the last time that we did a wedding for Charlene, I delivered my 5th baby the next morning! SO this wedding was MUCH more enjoyable for me! :)

This outdoor wedding was so lovely! The color scheme of champagne and ivory is just so romantic! I love it! We brought in our window frames and vintage desk for the book sign in area and our antique bike for the gift area and it was a perfect lead into the back yard vintage party!

  Here is the backdrop with twig arch and antique doors. Its hard to see, but there is a small chandelier hanging from that arch and even harder to see there are jewels, pearls, and ribbons as well. It was simple and pretty.
 The cake area had our gazebo over it. The table was strategically placed over the families fire pit! Perfect!
 This was their picture/photo booth area. so pretty....
 Close up of the arch...
 This was their food area. A door placed on top of our barn wood columns.Worked well..looked cute!


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